To work out how I might create a computer-based Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game I created a little game as a test.

It is vaguely based around the ancient Welsh tale of Kulhwch and Olwen and I wrote it all in rhyme:


It is playable at Itch.Io. I put up the source code on Github.

Wanted Hero Board Game

In 2013 I spent several months designing, testing and revising a card-based board game, which contains many of the same elements as RPG Games, but without the need for preparation or acting out characters. As I lacked the artistic talents to illustrate it I was helped by Jaime Buckley who let me use the characters and setting from his books.

Wanted Hero Board Game


This game is no longer for sale, but it’s rules can be read here.

Manys The Long Night

My very short story “Many’s The Long Night I’ve Dreamed Of Cheese” has been edited and republished as flash fiction by the Apocrypha & Abstractions magazine:

Click on the Cheese to read.